Sat Puran Mantras

The Sound within the Sound

“We are a simple, living, human being and we should watch our living, and hear our inner sound, which is pure love, pure life, pure existence.”   ~ Yogi Bhajan

A new mantra CD is born. If you feel inspired I’ll be grateful if you can support. The full album is available for sale too. If you wish to receive a copy of the CD please send an email to .

Sat Puran (Gali Livneh) is a singer, Kundalini Yoga teacher and an astrologer. Born in Israel, Sat Puran loves traveling the world and also traveling between different styles of music. As a teenager, she was singing in a girls choir “Ha’Efroni”, where she got her first formal musical education. Luckily for her, she was exposed to a reach repertoire from many countries and in different languages.

At the age of 22, she made her first trip to India and began to explore the Indian classical singing in Dhrupad style in Varanasi and Pushkar. after a few months, she returned to Israel and continued her music studies at the Tel Aviv Music Academy in western classical opera singing. This was her stop for more than a decade, and after her studies, she moved to Munich and then Berlin, Germany to continue her studies and get more involved in the music industry.

A big turning point in her life came when she started practicing Kundalini Yoga. Sat Puran decided to continue her yogic path with a deep connection to the practice of Kundalini  Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. She dedicated her time to study more about Gurbani Kirtan and was able to take her musical gift to the devotional practice of Naad Yoga. 

Sat Puran is leading Kitran and sacred chants circles. Her debut Mantra CD ‘Heartbeat’ was released on September 2016.

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