Sat Puran (Gali Livneh) is a singer, Kundalini Yoga teacher and an astrologer. Born in Israel, Sat Puran loves traveling the world and also traveled between different styles of music. As a teenager she was singing in girls choir “Ha’Efroni”, where she got her first formal musical education. Luckily for her she was exposed to a reach repertoire from many countries and in different languages.

At the age of 22 she made her first trip to India and began to explore the Indian classical singing in Dhrupad style in Varanasi and Pushkar. after a few months she returned to Israel and continued her music studies at the Tel Aviv Music academy in western classical opera singing. this was her stop for more then a decade, and after her studies she moved to Munich and then Berlin, Germany to continue her studies and get more involved in the music industry.

A big turning point in her life came when she started practicing astrology under the guidance of Maurice Fernandez, who also introduced her to Kundalini Yoga. These two practices developed together in her life, and then she decided to become a professional astrologer and leave the opera world.

After this major change in her life, Sat Puran moved back to Israel and focused on building her Astrology practice and school. At the same time she took her Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Israel and started to teach Kundalini Yoga. As she continued her journey with the practice she met her spiritual teacher, Shiv Charan Singh and the Karam Kriya school. Today she is teaching in teacher’s training with Karam Kriya School in Portugal / Europe and Ali Kundalini School in Israel with Simrit Kaur.

Music was always there, waiting for the right moment to come back in a different form. Sat Puran continued to study Indian classical singing, as well as Gurbani Kirtan, and started to compose the mantras for the Aquarian Sadhana from the Kundalini Yoga Practice. Her debut album HEARTBEAT will be released in September 2016.



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